SOMESHA Professional Journalists: Journalism Education Database

As journalists who are passionate about the advancement of science and Agricultural journalism in Somalia, the SOMESHA offers the best local platform for such co-operation. Many high school journalism programs report they receive very little help, if any, from local professionals or area universities.

SPJ has the ability to correct this. Share your professional expertise with a new generation of student journalists through web-based videoconferences. Have a phone conversation with a high school teacher and offer some of your successful teaching techniques. Reach out to an area middle school and volunteer to be a classroom guest.

The Journalism Education Database provides an opportunity for all SPJ members and local chapters to volunteer their expertise in helping strengthen Somalia’s elementary,middle, university and high school journalism programs.

In this way, science journalists from around the country will have the possibility to identify themselves as science journalism professionals and each other in a safe imagination and well secured direction. However, SOMESHA-SPJ venture will be able to provide these members with additional services including opportunities to communicate local scientists, communication officers from local and international companies as well as job seeking programs.

The project is part a wider Journalism Development venture better known as “MEDEVPROJ” and  It’s a Longtime outing project for Journalism Development and Representation.

Since its formation in 2010, SOMESHA is firmly supporting via training’s, dialogues Inside and Outside media development plight forms representation and continue to support the development of the Somali journalist’s fraternity, fostering freedom of expression and democratic governance.

If you would like to participate in this important new project, send your contact information and a bulleted list of your expertise to the Journalism Education Committee at info@someshaa.org