Saturday, July 02, 2022


Somalia Journalism Educational Enrollments Directory (SOJEED)

SOJEED online database for journalists and media professionals’ directory in Somalia is the only independent national scholastic journalism hub for teachers, trainers, and editors, managing directors, journalism students and advisers.

Choose a membership?

Active Teachers and Advisers Membership:

If you are currently teaching or advising middle school, high school, college journalism or university, choose this option for a whole-year membership.

School or College/University Students:

If you are majoring or minoring in journalism, education or a related field, choose this option for a whole-year’s membership.


Institutional  membership:

If you are an organization such as a library, news organization or foundation as well as communication officer from wherever, choose this option for a whole-years membership.


Affiliate Membership Organizations:

If you are a member of SOJEED partner organization or media outlet your membership is free and you will enjoy openly.

Other Countries Membership:

  • If you a Somali citizen who is located in any country outside Somalia please you have to know that your membership is to the membership you select but your membership amount is due to $20.00
  • If you are not Somali and want to be a SOJEED member your amount due is to $100.00  

If you need further details for SOJEED directory and project at large feel free to contact us through the special email for the project on sojeed@someshaa.org