Our Members

Somesha members

-The members of SOMESHA are professionals whose mission is to tell the world about the substantial challenges of environmental concerns in the country which is far less studied. And they are the current journalists and media professionals including reporters, editors, webmasters and producers working for all media outlets in the country.

List of Our Members

1. Daud Abdi Daud

2. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

3. Rahmo Isack

4. Hassan Bulhan Ali

5. Ubah Abdi Warsame

6. Ayanle Hussein Abdi

7. Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein

8. Abdikarim Ahmed Bulhan

9. Mohamed Garane Aden

10. Hamdi Ibrahim Aden

11. Mohamed Mohamud Hallane

12 Abdulkadir Ali Mohamed

13. Abdifitah Hassan Farah

14. Bashir Mohamed Abdilkadir

15. Nadir Mash-hur

16. Abdirahman Abdi Mohamed

17. Sahro Ibrahim

18. Mohamed Bashir Hashi

19. Nur Ismail Sheikh

20. Iikran Farah Ibrahim

21. Abdullahi Omar Ibrahim