Our Published Activities

1—–  Awards for Excellence in Somalia Science and Agriculture issues Reporting

Since the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) Green Journalism Awards inception in 2015, it was honored professional journalists for distinguished reporting on the sciences topics and civic issues.

On 2016 SOMESHA Golden Green Journalism Award winner was by the Mogadishu radio station director of Star FM Mr. Ismail Sheikh Khalifa and he was awarded during a Somali Youth Workshop for Peace event at Afrik hotel in Mogadishu by the Horn of Africa director of the United Religions Initiative (URI) Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed Sougueh on August 24, 2017.

It is widely, a long time ongoing project in which is a system to guarantee direct journalists Awards once after a year by enlarging their moral and quality journalism. This year 2017 is given to Mr. Abdirahman Noor Ali who is a professional journalist reporting Science topics and peace issues nationwide…Continue reading

3—SOMESHA and SATG Media Tour: Building Somalia Agricultural Journalists Capacity Coverage

As typically, the Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG) organizes a meetings and community dialogues regarding the nation agricultural sector development SATG was invited SOMESHA members to come the ABIC (Agri-Business Incubation Center), Haji Nasir (Doolaawe farm), Afgoi between the 16th June to 5th July 2015. The purpose of the dialogues was to show and tell new and affordable off-the-shelve agriculture technologies introduced/developed by SATG. The field days programmes was convened by SATG and brought together stakeholders from farmers, agro-dealers, academic institutions, private investors, international NGOs, professional groups, independent experts, the media professionals through SOMESHA journalists association and women farmers…Continue Reading

4—:— SOMESHA INTERVIEW WITH AMBASSODOR MOHAMED ALI NUR “Ambassador Ameriko”. The Ambassador is the UNEP and UNHAPITAT Extraordinary Representative to Somalia.Click here to read the PDF version

5—SOMESHA Published its Activity Report from 2011 to 2014

This report comprises a small number of, projects and programs implemented from 2011 to 2014 without adequate finance capability, proper office probability and lack of security as more than 30 journalists and media practitioners killed in Somalia since SOMESHA’s founding in 2010.

For more details of the report please click this link:

4—–The First National Conference on Somalia Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security Report

SOMESHA and the South Central Somalia Non State Actor Forum (SOSCENSA) organized a consultation meeting with civil society representatives in which the Participants developed a roadmap for achieving sustainable agricultural practices as a way to increase resilience to climate change.

For more details of the report please click the below link:

6—–::—SOMESHA INTERVIEW WITH AMBASSODOR MOHAMED ALI NUR “Ambassador Ameriko”. The Ambassador is the UNEP and UNHABITAT Extraordinary Representative to SomaliaClick here to read the PDF version