SOMESHA Educational Development Unit

The EDU offers a broad spectrum provision that provides a needs-based and timely approach to the educational development of everyone who teaches Somali students. These sessions are designed to be of help in your day-to-day teaching practice and cover a wide range of topics including Climate change, environment, science, health, agriculture, social security and technology innovations.

There is always new knowledge to obtain, new experiences to accumulate, and new methods and protocols to adopt to help us to continually do things more professionally.

SOMESHA-EDU has a program aimed not only towards the young and developing staff, but also towards those with considerable experience and know-how, to share and team from each other.

The program has a series of workshops designed to bring newer knowledge in education to the teaching staff in across Somalia. Everyone should be on the lookout for SOMESHA-EDU program news! SOMESHA-EDU staff is always ready to answer questions about and provide information on its activities.


The Educational Development Unit in SOMESHA professional development sector is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the teaching and learning environment, as well as research capabilities of SOMESHA.


To develop independent, competent professionals well equipped universities with expertise in teaching, management, program assessment and evaluation, and research.


To give professors an opportunity to assess and develop their professional expertise as teachers using evidence-based criteria for good practice in across Somalia.

To support teachers in developing the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies needed for effective teaching and managing of their students’ learning, including taking into account the needs and backgrounds of students in the design of specific teaching methods.

To cooperate with other Universities in Somalia and abroad by connecting each other in teaching, training and other educational endeavors.


Evaluation is done through direct feedback and questionnaires. For more details please contact us on