Current Projects

SOMESHA is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture so if you need to work with, we feel happy to welcome you without condition.

SOMESHA is currently running the below basic projects without full support from any development organization/agency in across Somalia and will hope to refresh her relationships with the development agencies/organizations nationally, regionally and globally.

  1. SOMESHA SEDA Project

SEDA project or SOMESHA Education Development Action is upstanding nationwide programme in which SOMESHA is going to help students and the teachers through inside and outside their education places including universities, institutions and schools.

The SOMESHA-EDU sector will offers a broad spectrum provision that provides a needs-based and timely approach to the educational development of everyone who teaches Somali students. These sessions are designed to be of help in your day-to-day teaching practice and cover a wide range of topics including Climate change, environment, science, health, agriculture, social security and technology innovations.

                2. SOMESHA SHIRE PROJECT


SOMESHA Health Investigations Research Environment (SHIRE)

SOMESHA Health Research Corps are doing SHIRE project which is a health research project throughout the nation in which will done as dynamic functional approach from different health journalism protocols with reliable tips in terms of journalism code of conduct.

This SOMESHA SHIRE Project is a long time programme by Participating in Health Research Studies/Surveys through SOMESHA-HRC.

SOMESHA is continuing and will always do a gigantic health research approach by publishing and dissemination through dynamic surveys throughout Somalia including IDP camps, MCH centers, Hospitals, Prisons, rehabilitation centers, medical institutions both public and private, Aid organizations and systematically UN-agencies.

     3. SOMESHA MEDEVPROJ venture


It’s a Longtime outing project for Journalism Development and Representation

Since its formation in 2010, SOMESHA is firmly supporting via training’s, dialogues Inside and Outside media development plight forms representation and continue to support the development of the Somali journalists fraternity, fostering freedom of expression and democratic governance. SOMESHA has developed and put into practice a comprehensive Green Media Awards programme and other projects to support national journalism development projects. These initiatives include capacity building, institutional strengthening, media legal reform, national dialogue and reconciliation, peace reporting as well as promoting freedom of expression and access to information through the media, NGOs and other institutions.