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OnJuly 10th, 2010, 30 journalists representing 14 media and journalists Organizations from different regions inSomaliacome together at hotel Sahafi two Mogadishu exchanged views.

The National Association of Somali Science and Environmental Journalists (NASSEJ) was organized the conference per request from the other media and Journalists organizations and supported by local business companies like Qaran Express bank, Telecom Somalia Company, Jubba Air-ways and Hormuud Telecom Company as well as Sahafi two hotel.

The conference participants endorsed onJuly 14th, 2010many important amendments to the organizations constitution.  Following the adoption of the proposed constitutional modifications, the name National Association of Somali Science and Environmental Journalists (NASSEJ) was changed to Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA).

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) is an association of  journalists and media practitioners who are specialized to expand and improve media coverage of key nation issues, including Climate change,  the Environment, Agriculture, Science, Public health, Migration, Peace-keeping and Civil insecurity.

The members of SOMESHA are professionals whose mission is to tell the world about the substantial challenges of environmental concerns in the country which is far less studied. And they are the current journalists and media professionals including reporters, editors, webmasters and producers working for all media outlets in the country.

SOMESHA is non-profit and non-governmental association, which is an umbrella body of professionals from many different families with different districts and it is the third labour union representing over 30 journalists nationwide. It’s the second organization that brings together the largest number of journalists inSomaliaand it became recognized body within the media structure that operates inSomalia.


  • Somaliato be a leading of international standard protected environment that is protected by its people.
  • To create an informed and empowered population conscious of emerging issues in environment, agriculture, public-health, migration and peace-keeping issues inSomaliaand in the region.


  • To improve the level of environment destruction in the country by making a widespread awareness campaign against the environment destruction.
  • To give training and strengthening the capacity of journalists especially for those who are currently reporting about the environment, agriculture, science and health issues in the country.
  • To give training workshops to the community involved the environment destruction and also preparing programs which are given tips on the important of the environment to the citizens through printed and electronic media.
  • To Strive for Peace and Prosperity through Sustainable Agricultural Development.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest governing body in the association. It is composed of full, associated, supporting and honorary members. The General Assembly meets at least once every three years, during the annual conference.

Executive Council

SOMESHA is managed by an Executive Council consisting of 17 members elected by the General Assembly. The Council is headed by the Secretary General serving as the chief executive officer and the head of the steering committee elected at the General Assembly, every three years. The steering committees are appointed by the Executive Council among its members.

Resources of Funds

The resources of SOMERSHA shall consist of: Membership fees and Grants, gifts, donations, etc. SOMESHA is also funded exclusively by contributions from individuals, companies, universities, media companies and foundations.  To see our members list click here

Relevant Country Background

Somaliais a country of 637,540 square kilometers situated with in the Horn of Africa and an estimated populated of 7.5 million people, out of which 60% living in the south 30% living in the north and 10% in the centre.

About 70% of the population lives in the rural areas, where livelihoods are largely dependent upon livestock and agriculture.

Local and International Affiliations

Professional membership:
SOMESHA is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ), the African Federation of Environment and Agricultural Journalists (AFEAJ) and the African Forest Communicators Network (AFCOMNET).
Civil Society Networks Membership:
The Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) and the Somalia Climate Change Network (SCCN).