The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) thrilled to organize a very important and academic youth students’ workshop in cooperation with the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)

Somalia youth face many challenges and there are a lot of factors affecting youth, such as limited employment opportunities/unemployment, violence and insecurity, low education quality, corruption and injustice, and political and administrative institutions dominated by adults in which youth are underrepresented.

Youth are a major force for sustainable development and key agents for social change, economic growth and technological innovation. From calling for urgent climate action to tackling inequalities and gender biases, young people are driving the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) forward.

THEME: Understanding Youth Students’ Development and Academic Challenges Exist.

Type: Hybrid Zooming event

When: 10 December 2023 at around 11:00 am – 1:00 pm GMT

However, the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) needs to organize a one-day workshop on behalf of the World Human Rights Day scheduled to be December 10 each year in cooperation with the local and international development media groups including the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) and the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ).

For further details please contact SOMESHA at info@someshaa.org and FESU fesu@fesu.org or visit www.fesu.so and www.someshaa.org

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