Deforestation, Food security and Climate Chane Research Cafe

Theme: Prospects of food security, Draughts and Climate Change Research Cafe in Somalia

Where: Bay University Central Center

When: June 5, 2023

From the climate crisis and the global pandemic to food insecurity, humanity faces unprecedented challenges that require resilient and sustainable solutions. Somalia, a country where conflict and instability meet the hazards of natural disasters caused by a rapidly changing climate, is on the frontline of climate change.

Deforestation Rates Status

In 2010, Somalia had 146kha of tree cover, extending over 0.23% of its land area. In 2021, it lost 169ha of tree cover, equivalent to 33.1kt of CO₂ emissions. From 2001 to 2021, Somalia lost 4.29kha of tree cover, equivalent to a 4.9% decrease in tree cover since 2000, and 840kt of CO₂e emissions. ’01 ’03 ’05 ’07 ’09 ’11 ’13 ’15 ’17 ’21 0 95 190 290 380ha.

SOMESHAA is organizing this zoom and virdual event at Southwest regional state incooperation with Bay University and the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU).

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