Training Course for Religion Reporting

SOMESHA offers one-weeklong online course on “Coverage of Religion and Global Politics” to provide a awareness within the Religious Coverage Agitation.

Where: Mogadishu, Somalia

When: May 01-07, 2023

Venue: SOCDEN/HEPO Radio Studio

This course brought together the most up-to-date research and reporting with a select group of local journalists committed to working together in dialogue to provide fair and accurate coverage of the people, beliefs, policies and practices shaping the religious life, neutrality and liberation of societies throughout the nation.

  • Explored coverage of religion and politics around the world, sharing a wide range of professional approaches.
  • Received objective tools for covering religion and politics through access to sources and the latest international research. Online tutorials offered step-by-step help to guide reporters to relevant data.

It will be a good and professional course funded by SOCDEN SBS Church and SOMESHA

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