Democracy is fragile: Somalia Latest PVE Alert

The prevention of violence and discrimination against religious minorities amongst Muslim community only in Somalia requires actions at all levels.

More than 300 Muslim clerics meeting in Somalia’s capital this week have declared their support for the government’s war against the Islamist militant group al-Shabab. The clerics issued their declaration following a four-day conference of Muslim scholars that ended Thursday with the formation of a Supreme Council yet the council was one-sided group while Shia and Masih Muslims are not present at the conference.

The council itself just the latest step in the broader process of political settlement and peacemaking in Somalia, which began in 1991, almost immediately after the outbreak of hostilities. It builds new religiously motivated doors upon the achievements of the earlier efforts. The challenge, as always, is to cement the gains that have been made, and to draw others into a constructive dialogue and out of a cycle of violence.

Preventing violent extremism (PVE) aims need a ground research and independent investigations as well as one collective council from the religious scholars not only the rigorous native like once.

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