SOMESHA Concerns the Death of Veteran Journalist Ali Muse Abdi at Italy

Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) concerns the death of late veteran Ali Muse Abdi who was a dynamic local and international journalist and media trainer as well as press freedom actor.

Mr. Ali Musa has died and passed away around midnight as overnight at his residence in Italy according to his wife Ikraam who was confirmed his death to the media colleagues. Last years he was ill and suffering from diabetes for some time in Italy where he lived and operated in a hospital according to his colleagues in the media.

Muse has worked with many media outlets including the BBC. He also worked for a long time with the news agency AFP, the Italian news agency ANSA. In addition to that, he was a trainer of nearby 1000 thousand journalists who are still working inside and outside Somalia.

As result of that its Awesome era, On behalf of his prestigious and handsome cooperation with his folks SOMESHA decided to reward him an imperative media development initiative better named ALIMUSA PRESS AWARDS (APA) because he was like a father of many journalists not only Somalis including east and horn of Africa media professionals. APA initiative will be officially announced on August 14, 2022 at Hashkies Hotel during his tribune event week.

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