Intercultural Journalism Conscience, Fatigue and Emotion

Despite, Intercultural journalism is an essential constituent of any civilization with a unique spiritual pathway in which establishes the framework for human social and cultural development yet there are several misunderstanding outfits coming from the religious believes because no one knows her adaptation and even the model describes how one person-like adjusts their communication with persons perceived to be from a different culture based on previous experiences. The model describes the adaptation process during initial cross-cultural encounters between individuals though is a serious interval.

Decisively, Intercultural journalism learning is vital one with imperative interactions and promotes the view that no culture is better or worse than the other, that there is no grading of cultures in which leads to an understanding that the definition of groups of belonging, of in-groups and out-groups, can be superficial and changing.

Obviously, the main argument is that religion plays an important role in intercultural communications while it helps unite people from diverse culture. It needs interpretive approaches, as this theory focuses on accumulating knowledge about a culture through communication in the form of shared stories based on subjective, social experiences. The main focus is on intercultural communications as it is used in particular motivation from within the communities, so the mental-picture plays a major role here.

From now on, I’m one of the expected Training of Trainers (TOT) group for Intercultural Journalism skills related developers who were created the World Federation of Environmental and Intercultural Journalists (WOFEJ) by avoiding lack of intercultural journalism platform in which we can reshare, disseminate, document, evaluate and formulate all our intercultural journalism matters around the profession.

Though apart from God no one knows the secret of life, there should be an inmitrical scale for participation in order to shape our life knowledge and gates. As result of that, there is an art museum trip depicts some of the symbolic of the various religion for the Christians and Islamic motivations.

Worldwidely, it’s widely clear that there a gap for lack of professional trainings and capacity building workshops related to Intercultural Journalism itself as professional skill but there are hope and objective steps from our partner organizations and educational development institutions including the SOWMESHA University in which is a Worldwide WED Web based platform for educational development institution in which also promotes intercultural education through poems and theological science and interfaith dialogues formalization as well as extremism education by avoiding PCVE knowledge gaps.

Everybody should know that religion description comprises the acceptance of appropriate symbols by a particular view which defines all linked to its motivation and myths, including model, universal event, including stories the history that is explained on the spot beyond that status according to the recent SOWMESHA research from within the social poematic aspects in across the globe.

Definitely there are nothing normal idiosyncratic scriptured knowhow tools and about power skills, power skills as they are always new and upcoming matters in which can be a keys to future as proofing your career so that Intercultural Journalism Skill should be redefined as the sculpture of the leadership, productivity, personal development, strategic thinking, listening, and communication swift value for peace-building profession and knowledge.

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