Former Somalia Security Expert standout to return Somalia for Peace consultations

On Sunday evening General Ali Hashi Baraale told the media that he is planning to go back to Somalia in order to make sure Somalia peace renewal after several years of violence and chaos. He focused on mutual security interests in Somalia and commentated that “Somalia security officers including five women and men needs to benefit from the day by day training courses outside the country while still there a gap towards the skill connectivity which incorporated them but refreshing to reconnect is mutual, “ the sessions on the security issues of practical trailering sessions during which the participants were taken through courses preparation and delivery of the various aspects of the provisions will help improve the quality in general and the specific aspects as they related to the conflict in Somalia”.

The general Ali Hashi Baraale thanked the newly elected Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his courageous and positive visits to Turkey, Kenya, Eritrea and Djibouti and expressed their importance steps for Somalia peace headlong.

He further stated that the strategic goals of building the capacity of the SNA [Somali National Army] and preparing them to take the lead in the defence of their country when foreign pulls out at the appropriate time. It is aimed at enhancing the respect for national interest and human rights in Somalia. In particular, it also provides a pool of trainers who can themselves deliver similar trainings and disseminate the national voice and representation and human rights to all cadres in the SNA at both basic and specialist levels of training.

Al-Shabaab continue to demonstrate persistently and constantly its ability to attack heavily fortified facilities including military bases and army convoys from across Somalia regions while they were fulfilled car bomb attacks yesterday at Jowhar district in middle shabelle region of Somalia.This is the second car bomb incident in the conflict-hit region in central Somalia since last month after an Al-Shabaab bomber carried out an attack on an army outpost in the Wisil area on June 27, killing soldiers.

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