African Journalists met Synodic Training Periods to Report Climate change

Despite African journalists and media practitioners struggling to broadcast the wider climate change and food security dilemma in Africa without best training for the subject and poor connection among them and the African scientists , the African continent is still suffering the harmful effects of climate change to a disproportionate degree.

Obviously, developed super power states which deals with the heavy carbon emitters, like China and the United States, have a moral obligation to help the nations of Africa, particularly the rural areas of these countries, mitigate the impact of climate change, not just to help Africa, but to help the rest of the world.

The Centre for Science and Environment which is a not for-profit public interest research and advocacy organization based in New Delhi, India organized twice online zoom trainings themed “Africa Media Café” in this year of 2022 in cooperation with the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture in Kenya (MESHA) which is an association of journalists and communicators who are specialized in environmental, agriculture, health, technology and development reporting.

The environment, agriculture and food security issues experts from India, United States, Europe and Africa were addressed the journalists and told them that griculture is critical to Africa’s economic growth. Climate change could destabilize local markets, increase food insecurity, limit economic growth, and increase risk for agriculture sector investors.

Though I was one of the certified journalists who participate both workshops yet I believe that the Global warming is expected to melt Africa’s remaining glaciers in the next few decades, and the reduction in water essential to agricultural production while as result of that the conditions will create food insecurity, poverty, and population displacement.

Wrote by: Daud Abdi Daud better known as Jourd

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