Raw has erupted among Somalia elders and East-Leigh district of Nairobi leadership

Today the Somalian’s in Nairobi, Kenya come together to celebrate the newly elected Somalia prime minister H.E. Hamza Abdi Bare but during the ceremony, held at Sir-Ali club conference, the chairman of Eastleigh district in Nairobi made a tremendous speech against Somalia’s traditional politics and broadcasted that the current parliament speaker is the dynamic leader being promoted Somalia success and salvation.

The Head of Somalia elders in East Africa H. E. Abdullahi Mohamed Jimale disappointed the words from Eastleigh commissioner and said the speech of Yusuf Hassan East-Leigh chairman was unskilled and politically motivated advertisement but would also is one support the violators and it can’t resolve any disputes in the upcoming political challenges and administrative building process because former prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is the one strived the current federal government stability and recreation rocess” .

“Somalia elders are playing a role in the political process and reconciliation and are those who know the real protector. That is why they came up with the plans supporting prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in order to enhance the capacity of clan elders and key community leaders. Elders choose the delegates who in turn elect members of parliament including the speaker. They have a role to play in this upcoming ministerial election,”. Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Jimale added

The spokesperson of the East Africa elders thanked East-Leigh commissioner for his tireless efforts on helping Somalis in Kenya but Political Affairs for the timely upcoming should be broadcasted wisely and he must do consultation with us on conflict management and Reconciliation as a head of the Somalia elders though now we wait an apologize from him” he said again.

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