SOMESHA get-connected the Royal Danish Government Development Projects in across Somalia

Despite, the Pan-African programme is the first EU development and cooperation programme that covers all of Africa and was set up in 2014 the European Union Nations continued to expand their development agenda in across Africa over the next years and as usual they attempted to do their projects as individual of nations and as union cooperation. Although there was an intercultural means in which was fragile connections now the partnership is huge one with imperative versions and established in 2000 at the first African Union (AU)-EU Summit in Cairo. It is guided by the Joint Africa-EU strategy (JAES), adopted at the 2nd AU-EU Summit in Lisbon in 2007.

The EU- Pan-African programme, now works to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities through sustainable development. Through the Sustainable Development Goals, it aims to bring peace and prosperity to all. It  provide support to entrepreneurs and ecosystem support organizations (ESOs) development of entrepreneurial ecosystems drives economies for job creation. It creates opportunities and Make a deep-seated difference today in which promote services like resilience programs, good Governance ventures and Gender Equality advocacy.

Denmark provides much needed financial support to Somalia collectively each year and her development and humanitarian contribution to the Somalia Situation will help UN-agencies deliver life-saving aid such as food, clean drinking water, shelter and adequate healthcare. There are also Danish humanitarian organizations operating in Somalia including DRC, the Danish Refugee Agency.

According to the Royal Danish Government Somalia portal Denmark’s development aid for Somalia is channelled through the Somalia Country Programme 2019-2023, which was designed and approved by the Government of Denmark and the Government of Somalia in March 2019. The Country Programme draws on lessons learned from Denmark’s prior engagements in Somalia (Somalia Country Programme 2011-2014 and 2015-2018) and follows the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Framework (SDRF), which is the intentionally agreed aid architecture for Somalia.

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, and Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) chief executive officer H. E. Rev. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud better known as “JOURD” is planning to travel to Denmark on June 2022 and have plans to meet the Danish Science Journalists Association, the Danish Association of Agricultural Journalists and the Danish Development Research Network in order to demand a media development projects in across Somalia. There is ongoing science and agricultural journalism development discussions among SOMESHA and her counterparts both Danish science and agricultural journalists associations.

Mr. Daud was one of ten recipients of the 2022 IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award. This year’s program, sponsored by Alltech, honors 10 young agricultural journalists and communicators who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in reporting as well as excellent potential as leaders of the industry in the years to come. The honorees were chosen by an international jury among applicants from many of IFAJ’s 56 member countries.

SOMESHA knows that, the work for free, development agenda and independent media is a part of Denmark’s long lasting commitment for supporting human rights and developing civil society organizations including media professionals and their networks and unions.

SOMESHA has had a close relationship and discussion with the DDRN, which is an online media for research communication for sustainable development and focusing on Global South countries research and development and works with media development projects in East Africa region including UGANDA, Kenya and hopefully in Somalia soon.

For more details and information you can be reached Mr. Daud Abdi Daud of SOMESHA via email at and Mr. Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen of the Danish Association of Agricultural Journalists, via at , IFAJ Global manager via at Mr. Hugh Maynard via at and Arne Wangel of the Danish Science Journalists Association via at and editor-in-chief

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