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Eastleigh youth Forum in conjunction with the  Eastleigh  businessDistrict  Association  are Organizing  a I day workshop  event  to beheld  at nomad palace  Hotel .This  will be oursecond  event  since Covid -19 lockdown  .We are expecting to have 50-60 people our eventwill be held on 26thMarch 2022, starting at 2.00pm -5.00p.m.It will be a celebration  of survival for  the Eastleigh  BusinessDistrict  through the covid-19 lockdown  and a tribute  to the lives ofloved  once  who succumbed  to the disease  covid – 19 also  positively helped business globally  to shift digitally  Eastleigh  businesscommunity  willemerge  once  again  by embracing  digital technology in its  pursuit to become  a hubof  business development  in order tomake  the event  a success  ,we are requesting  yoursupport .we areasking  you to pick /select any item  in our budget  to sponsor /donate
We would  like  to thank  you in  advance  for your  support .please
feel free to contact    Burhan Iman at 0741749940 or info@islii24.com if you have any questions or comments

The Objective of the workshopis to highlight the importance of digital technology inconducting business in the 21st century. Eastleigh business   hub has emerged as an attractive commercial district inNairobi with its myriad business ranging from banking, hospitability hospitals, forexbureau, shopping complexes,maritime transport just to name but a few. It is on this basis that    Burhan Iman theDirector atEastleigh Youth Forum, who is popular known as   the legend inEastleigh and who also has a decade of experience working, conductingand promoting various functions with the support ofBusiness community, saw it befitting community to cometogether and create a digitalplatform where they can buy sell andadvertise their products and services.Its e-commerce platform will feature digital sense on specificbusiness online directories and EastleighNews. They will alsobrainstorm onlaunching a   bulletin for the Eastleigh Business

We win way more eyes for your ads.

VENUE: Nomad Paradise Hotel
TIME: 2PM to 5pm

                                       SPONSORSHIP SLOTS/VALUE FOR MONEY

  • Companies’ logo will placed on ALL event promotion materials,
  • Free Exhibition Stand, space to showcase products/services and motivational speech slot during the event day.
  • A short write up about your company including; history, services, products and logos to be uploaded/updated in our EYF, EBDA and islii24.com websites and social medias i.e., Facebook pages & Twitter which we update and maintain daily.
  • The logos of companies that sponsor the event will be placed in our documentary which will be uploaded in our EYF YouTube as event sponsors.
  • Companies that sponsor the event will be given a space for advertisement in our quarterly Newsletter which has wider readers and shared in our EBDA, EYF and islii24.com social media sites.

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