Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 09 Dec 2021

Drought-related messages formed the bulk of the feedback recorded on Radio Ergo’s independent platform during the week 2-7 December 2021. Callers in different parts of the country described worsening conditions due to lack of water, including loss of livestock, long migration treks in search of water, and effects on farming and families. Many callers complained of lack of water infrastructure in their areas. Locusts reappeared in mainly Sanag and Galgadud. Callers welcomed rainfall in some areas. The following summarises the calls by theme.

Drought and water crisis – in Somaliland, calls on this topic came mostly from Sanag, Sool, and Togdher. A caller in Buhodle said the area had no boreholes and they needed them to be drilled. In Burao, a caller said he had only 10 camels left and not enough fodder for all of them. In Sanag, a caller said many people had moved there after some rainfall but they were migrating away again as the area was back to drought. In Sool, callers spoke of influxes of people from other regions to Hudun and Lasa-urdan where they were experiencing water shortage. A caller in an unspecified location in Somaliland said the land was bare and they were desperate. Among the callers in Bari, Puntland, a female caller in Bosaso said many had left the area due to lack of water and they also faced the threat of locusts. A caller in Qalanqale said those who could not afford transport to leave in search of water and fodder needed urgent help. Many callers in parts of Galgadud spoke of dead or dying livestock. A caller in Adado said they feared their children would die next due to the prolonged drought. Callers in Hiran spoke of no rainfall and no water, with one in Aborey saying hopes of reviving their farms were bleak. In Middle Shabelle, several callers said they had no water for their farms. One said they had no wells or boreholes, another said water catchments were dry. One caller said the donkeys used to transport water were in bad shape. Female callers in Goof-gadud and Goobo in Bay region said their livestock were dying and appealed for aid. Callers in Wajid and Hudur, Bakool region, said they had no water and their farms had failed.

Rainfall – two callers in Lasanod announced rainfall, with one encouraging pastoralists to migrate there to get water. In the south, callers in M. Shabelle, Bay, and Gedo announced rainfall with some saying their farms were doing well. A caller in Dollow said the rain had already stopped.

Locusts – callers in parts of Sanag and Galgadud said they were concerned about the resurgence of locusts that threatened to destroy vegetation or crops that had grown after recent rain.

Environment – Radio Ergo’s environment programme sparked comments from several listeners noting the degradation of the environment due to tree cutting. Some wanted more information about the benefits of tree planting and the link between trees and the climate.

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