Somalia: National Science Journalists Workshop 10 October 2010

Under the SOMESHA MEDEVPROJ venture on 10/10/10 scope of the Capacity Building Project, two day science journalists training workshops were organized in the ministry conference hall in Mogadishu, Somalia in October 2010 with the support of the Somalia Non-state Actors and the Ministry of Information, culture and telecommunications. These interactive training were facilitated by the Somalia trainers’ team, who are well experienced and participated several trainings in the regional science journalism industry and fact-checking prograammes.

The objectives of the two days trainings were to foster the dialogue between food security, climate change and nutrition and famine care sectors, to share technical knowledge and most importantly to lay the foundations for effective interagency and multi-sectorial collaboration for improving food security, nutrition and livelihoods in the regional states in federal government of Somalia.

21 participants from across Somalia including the regional states as Puntland, Somaliland, Jubaland, Galmudug and Southwest states and representing both radio and Tv stations were participated in the two-day workshops. These participants were drawn from both international and local science agricultural and environmental media outlets as well as from the government media stations.

The workshop was funded by Somalia Research Interest group, World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism and Telecommunications.

SOMESHA is non-profit and non-governmental association, which is an umbrella body of professionals from many different families with different districts and it is the third labour union representing over 30 journalists nationwide. It’s the second organization that brings together the largest number of journalists inSomaliaand it became recognized body within the media structure that operates inSomalia.

SOMESHA MEDEVPROJ venture Background

It’s a Longtime outing project for Journalism Development and Representation since its formation in 2010, SOMESHA is firmly supporting via training’s, dialogues Inside and Outside media development plight forms representation and continue to support the development of the Somali journalists fraternity, fostering freedom of expression and democratic governance. SOMESHA has developed and put into practice a comprehensive Green Media Awards programme and other projects to support national journalism development projects. These initiatives include capacity building, institutional strengthening, media legal reform, national dialogue and reconciliation, peace reporting as well as promoting freedom of expression and access to information through the media, NGOs and other institutions.

for more detail please click here to download the PDF version of the workshop.

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