Summary Report on Child Protection Assessment; September, 2021: Protection risks face by children affected by both Conflict and drought in Cadale District, Middle Shebelle Region

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Somalia has been affected by conflict since 1992, and conflict continues to affect people’s lives, livelihood and safety. Roughly 63 percent of the total population in need are children. During displacements traditional protection and support mechanisms are destroyed leaving families more vulnerable to family separation, violence, abuse and exploitation. Traumatic events and separation of families often leave children alone and without any form of care or support.

Middle Shabelle has continuously recorded exacerbated child protection concerns namely, family separation; gender-based violence (GBV); child recruitment and use by armed forces and groups; child trafficking and labour; forced and early marriage etc.

SOYDA therefore with guidance from the National CP AoR undertook a rapid assessment to better understand information on child protection needs and priorities have been very limited if not missing from most of the assessment reports.

With focus in Cadale district, the assessment provides an understanding of urgent child protection needs, priorities, and recommendations for subsequent response for the betterment of children affected by both conflict and drought. The assessment also provides basic information for assessing the impacts of the emergencies on children and situation monitoring.


• To identify the child protection needs and risks among the conflict and drought affected population.

• To understand availability of services and capacity of service providers in Cadale District.

• To share overall understanding of child protection needs in order to inform programming and humanitarian response to affected children in the district.

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