Countering Covid-19 stereotyping in the news media and more

By: Daud Abdi Daud

Despite, professionally I am planning to write constant articles related to Coronavirus I have to commit by providing resources, ideas and tools to help journalists on their quality reporting on COVID-19 and other pressing topics.

The reason I decided to write the articles is to empower my colleague journalists and other interested society to know first that COVID-19 doesn’t have borders and doesn’t care how you are rich, poor, young or old you are. As result of that, we have to know also that the disease is chargement order from God because our God’s judicial style is the way the disease has come up with as pandemic commonly throughout the world.

When it comes to professional coverage for Covid-19 you see that Professionally there is so many different ideas with different approaches from the International Media Development Organization, federations and the other health organizations who want to develop journalists reporting systems and work closely to the journalists.

As journalist developer, we’d really need to know what you thought about the Coronavirus because as usual you need from us accurate reporting with ethical and responsible way of coverage. Due to that, I am recommending to and kindly requesting to the International Media Development Initiatives, journalist’s federations/organizations and health organizations as well including the United Nations Agencies to develop one unique journalists code of conduct system.

Media Developers, health experts and scientists Unity, and one united knowledge combining is the only way we can prevent together false information’s on COVID-19 spreads and by avoiding making it more difficult for the public to identify the facts about the virus and to advice the public.

From national, regional and to global standard, there is no influence of culture and religion currently as the disease is widely acknowledged but there is political influence many parties of the world.

However, there are some other factors that pose barriers to the implementation of prevention and control strategies in the world include high population density; financial instability of the population though mostly is exist at Africa, Asia and many parties of American region and influence of inadequate research capacity.

My first suggestion to the journalists is to be well connected to the UNESCO through this link .

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