SOMESHA Secretary General Daud Abdi Daud plans to write COVID-19 Warnings

My name is Rev. Daud Abdi Daud who is a prominent and dynamic science journalist in across Somalia and in the world as well. Since 2010, I’m also a religious journalist/preacher who is working via low profile tactic due to security reason in across East Africa region.

I’m planning here in this page to write articles for the current pandemic disease better known as Corona-Virus (COVID-19) soas to sellout and determine the diseases’ unseen elements to the public and personally meet the professional answer for the below motives.

  • Whereas, the science journalists play a major role in key political, economic, cultural and social policy discussions, as well as in public dialogue.
  • Whereas, religion journalism is to see that religious journalists can brought together public thoughts for any subject related to the common humankind existence as religious principal in which is naturally shaped in a diverse means such as coronavirus, and to reflect on how world religions are facing this unusual situation.
  • Whereas, faithful preaching of God’s Word helps us to grow to be like a sticky person and helps us to grow in the knowledge of who God is, what he is like from us because preaching is intended to bring people to a place of feeling extremely secure in that which is being linked.

It widely believes that COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop slight to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.

Most common symptoms: Fever, dry cough, tiredness,

Less common symptoms: aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes.

However, there is a common indigenous means we can survive and prevent the disease in which we are learning from here scientifically…..!

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact with me directly via email at and phone +252616349997. For more information click here in a daily consultancy means.

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