Somalia Risks Going Back To Armed Conflict If Politicians Derail Poll Process -Jabril Abdulle

Politicians hindering the electoral process are playing with fire – Presidential Candidate Jabril Abdulle

The Somali people and the international partners who support the political process in Somalia have expressed their frustration over the lack of tangible results from the ongoing political discussions over the implementation of the 17 September 2020 election agreement. The discussions are yet to produce productive outcomes in favour of the aspirations of the Somali people, with political leaders with the primary responsibility to execute the election agreement engaged in trivial bickering.

Rarely held accountable for their failures and abuse of power, the Somali politicians continue to overlook their responsibilities, particularly this difficult period of a pandemic and economic crisis occasioned by the COVID-19 outbreak. The need to reach a consensus on the election stalemate, therefore, is now more crucial than ever before.

“It is unfortunate that the international partners are more concerned about the predicaments of the Somali people over the Somali leadership whose mandate had expired. The FGS leadership whose term had lapsed is, unfortunately, proving to be an impediment to the realisiation of consensual and inclusive elections,” said Presidential Candidate Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle.

Presidential Candidate Jabril added: “For the first time in 30 years, the Somali people, the international community and entities who are concerned about the stability of Somalia have a shared view on the need to shame and impose restrictions on the individuals who are seen to be an obstacle to the implementation of the elections as well as the overall stability of the country.

“Sadly, the obstacles in the way of a consensus on the elections are chiefly based on personal interest and greed; features that are detrimental to the aspirations elected the leadership.”

Jabril cautioned that the politicians who are hindering the electoral process are playing with fire. “In order for us to get out of this uncertainty, it is paramount to impose appropriate sanctions on the persons who are hell-bent on obstructing the process,” added Mr Jabril, who spoke to the media in Mogadishu.

Source: Jabril/Dalsan radio


  • Xashawe dabcasar March 29, 2021 At 9:26 am

    Aad iyo aad ninkan aan hada mesha oga jeedo wuxuu iila egyahay nin wadani ah kana shaqayn karo midnimada umada Soomaliyeed ahna qabiir faham dher uleh waqtiga adag oo lagu jiro iyo sida looga samata bixi karo Soo dhawoow baan leeyahay mudane musharax madadaxweyne Jamriil illahayna hakuu fududeeyo umuurahaaga insha allah

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