Hope in Channing Somalis from Violence to Philosophy vitality

Wrote by: Rev. Daud Abdi Daud

We all know that Philosophy is the study of the nature of reality and existence, of what is possible to know, and of right and wrong behavior. The meaning is’the love of wisdom.’ It is one of the most important fields of human thought as it aspires to get at the very meaning of life.

I personally know and optimistic that you all know that terrorist act is the act of violence that gives headache to leader’s across global after acceptances of it’s continuity. Why?

Terrorist get sympathy funds from developed super power‘s in the world, Arab states as well as big private institutions across in the globe by looking over their interest. Well wishers offer support to humanitarian groups as they make things different and rush on solving endless terrorist acts which prolong projects.

Most suffering vulnerable are innocent individuals among public of every nation regardless of nationality across global. There is also that the Ignorant and brain washed figures belief that some specific nations are dangerous over the issue of terrorism while researcher’s belief it as an international risk.

The problem is that countries with less opportunity to fight against terrorist act are not supported directly to exercise their own way funder’s play different way which doesn’t end it.

We need to know as Somalis that security measures is everyone’s responsibility to stop anything seen by realized as a dangerous to either public or the nation in general. Developed countries specially Europe experienced civil wars and ended through unity.

It is danger to know many things bad here in Somalia let us take a good example; no friend! no enemy! Government soldiers as well as Al shabab fighters share operational uniforms during attack. Why?

Normalization is one of the worst disease that Somali community inherited from great grandparents and no one either elected or appointed leader call for civil education. Yet every leader sing a song called my tribe, family and friend then does contribute peace come on a silver plate.

However, This is the second part of a series I’m calling: Seeking the Peace of Christ: Christianity and Peacemaking should be our core vitality progress as due to Peace is essential to Christianity. Consider, for example, the passages from the New Testament Gospels.

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