Christianity is not a crime but it dignifies you

Rev. Daud Abdi Daud created a new initiative for development in which he wants to unite and defend Somali Christian minority in across Somalia.

The Somali Christian Development Network (SOCDEN) is nonprofit and non-governmental organization which is a membership confederation representing a network of Faith Based Organizations from all over Somali speaking region in across horn of Africa.

SOCDEN is an NGO that aims to assist Christians and non- Christian communities realize Christian values, such as non-violence, and mutual respect, and forgiveness, irrespectively of their creed, race, ethnic origin, social and political affiliation and nationality through their leaders.

 SOCDEN underlines that Somalia is under from death to relive habitat with a keen interest in advocating for socio-economic development, democracy and governance, social and economic justice, peace and justice, religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue. The organization was established in 2017 in bringing churches, mosques, communities and CSOs together on national and regional issues by creating a direct dialogue between faith societies and Governments as well as regional States.

Obviously, SOCDEN believes that social justice and religious tolerance, unity and reconciliation, peace and economic progress cannot work successfully and all alone without God’s blessing through the involvement of his people for a peaceful and a vibrant democratic society.

As result of that, SOCDEN plans to look for International cooperation and recently joined the MICAH GLOBAL while Micah is a global Christian network and movement with members drawn from aid / NGO organisations, mission organisations, academic / training institutions, local congregations, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats and individuals, all sharing a passion and commitment for engaging holistically and relevantly in our world.

Cooperating with one another and partnering soas to forward the mission of God is what SOCDEN is standing for by ensuring that together in solidarity to promote good practice; to campaign against poverty and injustice and to encourage reconciliation in areas of conflict is must by joining Micah Global and others throughout the world.

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